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"Dear Porno Stars Direct, This girl was the real deal. She was really the girl in the photo. I was skeptical, because I've been burned before, but she was an angel. When I called she was very happy to see me. I met her at her apartment. When I walked in she gave me a hug and seemed genuinely happy to see me. From there we got to know each other a bit. Her breasts are beautiful and all natural. Beautiful girl, very curvacious in all the right places and very sensual. I didn't feel rushed. You'd better believe I'll be using Porno Stars Direct Service again. " - A Satisfied Client

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Playboy's Special model, adult film star and feature dancer L.A.LaMann just added to the online portfolio!

Penthouse model and Playboy model Adjja added to the online portfolio! Plus, four exciting new ladies for the Millionaire's Club!


In the business for many years now, Bionca has made quiet a name for herself as a real thrill seeker and now as a well respected director. Today, Bionca spends much of her time in the director's chair

Ava Vincent She's a sometimes blonde, sometimes brunette beauty who sports a fabulicious natural figure with tight curves and awesome angles.
Liz Born in Sydney, Liz spent mouch of her life in a bikini catering to the mile stretch beaches of the Australian Coast